Chefs Using Sorghum

Looking for a culinary adventure at a restaurant that proudly serves sorghum? Be sure to check out our list of top chefs and restaurants. You also can search for chef created recipes in our recipe library.

Every day, restaurants are adding sorghum to their menus because of the healthy benefits and flavorful combinations of foods that can be made with sorghum. Be sure to check out our list of top restaurants to find a well-established venue or trendy eatery that serves sorghum.

See sorghum on the menu at one of your favorite local restaurants? Let us know and we will add them to our list!

Restaurant Chef Location
Le Pain Quotidien   90 U.S. Locations
Green Sage Cafe   Asheville, NC
H&F Bottle Shop Linton Hopkins Atlanta, GA
Holeman and Finch Public House Linton Hopkins Atlanta, GA
Olamaie Grae Nonas Austin, TX
Alabama Biscuit Company Jonathan Burch Birmingham, AL
Lantern Andrea Reusing Chapel Hill, NC
Hominy Grill Robert Stehling Charleston, NC
The Rarebit Brannon Florie Charleston, NC
Fig Mike Lata Charleston, NC
Boka Lee Wolen Chicago, IL
Big Jones Paul Fehribach Chicago, IL
CBD Provisions Michael Sindoni Dallas, TX
Yardbird Eatery Neal Drysdale Durango, CO
Eloise Nichols Joseph Stayshich Houston, Texas
Guy Fieri's Smokehouse Guy Fieri Louisville, KY
610 Magnolia Ed Lee Louisville, KY
Hugo's Restaurant Nabor Diaz Los Angeles, CA
Cena by Michy Michelle Bernstein Miami, FL
St. Genevieve Steven Brown Minneapolis, MN
Avo & Dram Ben Kirk Mountain Brook, AL
City House Tandy Wilson Nashville, TN
Birds & Bubbles Sarah Simmons New York, NY
Gramercy Tavern Danny Meyer, Michael Anthony New York, NY
Extra Fancy Sean Tilo New York, NY
Hotel Emma   San Antonio, TX
Seed + Salt Ariel Samara Nadelberg San Francisco, CA
The Fremont Diner Chad Harris Sonoma, CA
Blackberry Farm Josh Feathers Walland, TN
DC Harvest Arthur Ringel Washington, D.C.
RareSweets Meredith Tomason Washinton, D.C.
Hugo's Restaurant Nabor Diaz West Hollywood, CA
Milktooth Jonathan and Ashley Brooks Indianapolis, IN
South City Kitchen John Spotkill Atlanta, GA
Restaurant Eugene Linton Hopkins Atlanta, GA
Thrive Restaurant Justin Cox Atlanta, GA
Empire State South Josh Hopkins Atlanta, GA
Kitchen Notes   Nashville, TN
Silo Clay Greenburg, Paul Cercone Nashville, TN
Merchants Restaurant Jason Brumm Nashville, TN
Coi Matthew Kirkley San Francisco, CA
TART Restaurant, inside Farmers Daughter Hotel Keith Shutta San Francisco, CA
The Pennsy Marc Forgione New York City

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